Before Happily Ever After

 A Middle Grade Fantasy Series

The Adventures of Larrie & Sam


“Never Stop Believing”


Update 8/2016!!

Although the feedback has been mostly positive on the series, one comment brought up more than once was the narrator, Marcus. Although still a 5-star review, he was mentioned in a negative way a few times. Apparently what the publisher wanted wasn't such a hit. I loved him, but I'd rather please the masses (and continue to love Marcus as he makes his appearance in book #6 :) )

Soooooo.....the books have been re-released with changes. I've also decided to up the size to 6x9 with premium stock for store distribution. I'm glad that after reading them a few times each again, I still love them like the first time and got goosebumps at all the right places!

I look forward to more signings and being able to really stand behind these stories! Stay tuned!

Happy Reading!!

~ Ann T Bugg


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