The Series


Book 1: Through the Mirror and into Snow

Released November 11, 2011

e-book just 99¢

                                                            Cover & sketch artist: Valerie Kramin



Book 2: Into the Forest and Down the Tower

e-book just $2.99!

Released February 22, 2012

“No, this is a great story, you’re gonna ‘yucky’ it up.” 


Book 3: Off to Camp and Discovering Art

e-book just $2.99!

Released November 22, 2012

“You can ask me one question, but I always lie.” 

Book 4: Down the River and Awakening the Rose

Released May 17, 2013

 ”Let me add that to the list of things you don’t know about dragons.”

Book 5: Soaring up to the Clouds, not Knowing Jack

Released Nov. 11, 2013

“Objects may be larger than they first appear.”

Book 6: Past the Fields Where all is Golden

“I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

Release Scheduled for May, 2014

  With Samantha’s little brother Joshua along, the girls didn’t think they’d get to go on an adventure this summer but they could not have been more wrong. Josh has been taken and it’s up to them to find the treasure and bring him home. With help from a new friend, they follow secret caves and tunnels and even discover the city of gold, but they learn that is not the greatest treasure of all.

Book 7: At the Museum with Wandering Eyes

“Are those guns just for show?”

Valerie and Samantha were looking forward to a day at the Science Museum in St Paul. What they didn’t expect were the gnomes, Marcus and Michael, to show up again and send them on a wild scavenger hunt through time. Retrieving the items was one thing; what their choice was to do with them at the end of the hunt was another altogether.

Book 8: Overboard and Out of this Realm

“Opstay with the udetay. We’re gonna get in more roubletay.”

 When Valerie and Samantha went to the mall with their mothers, they didn’t expect for another journey to begin while they visited the bookstore. Their surroundings became that of a ship before they knew what was happening. What could have been an overboard disaster turned rescue and proved to be another adventure in itself. Even more surprising was where they were delivered next and discovered that an underwater lost city needed locating. Little did they know that simple pendants they wore held the ancient secret.

Meet Marcus – your narrator

"Chicks Dig Scars" ~Marcus

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