Valerie and Samantha

Will the real Sam and Larrie please stand up!

This is my favorite picture of the 2 of them.

A peek into the “Double-Trouble”


Living out in the middle of nowhere gives Val a lot of time for her favorite hobby - drawing. Follow her on Deviant Art

She now chooses the Renaissance Festival over Valley Fair and loves to dress up each year.

Besides drawing what she sees, Val has now taken to sewing it too. Here is her Horo costume for the Ainme Detour, 2012.

This would be about the time when the whole possum thing started. Ain’t they cute! And yes, that’s the barn housing the mirror in question. (Not to mention, the possum.)

The Paint, Ringo, is real too. He’s how we’ve gauged their growth over the years.

“With the shape of an “L” on her forehead….”


Valerie is the cover artist for the series. Here she is hard at work on book number 2.

Into the Forest and Down the Tower.

Here’s Sam in a photo shoot. Dresses? She still does it best.

Sam’s cake 2010

Val’s cake 2010

See why I write these books?

Daily attire? ALWAYS miss matched socks, on purpose. (must be an artist thing..... ;)


Samantha loves all kinds of music.

Channing Tatum is one of her favorite actors.

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself" - are her words of wisdom.

She likes to make her smileys

backwards ---> (:

Girly girl's favorite color is pink (of course).

For sports - she snowboards & lives for softball.

No photographer required! Sam is an iphone portrait master!

We actually saw this sign on a road trip in the summer of 2012.

Had to add it here since I have always felt it's the theme song for the books. :)

cakes by:

In Jan 2012, I met Samantha’s friend Helana. I called her Lily our whole visit. She is perfect for the elf, Lily, that helps them in Book #2 – Into the Forest and Down the Tower. Now if Sam can just make friends with a troll we’d have a matching set.


I wish I was able to do this one professionally, but you get the idea. These 2 are truly as opposite as

they are portrayed in the books. Val loves her swords & dragons and Sam never missed a prom!

I haven't updated here in a while. Book 8 is out and the girls are off at college. Val is at an art college - no surprise there.

She got into her dream school - the one she's written to since she was 9. I'm not sure if I'll be writing anymore in this series, or if I will be able to beat up the prequel I toyed with all those years ago enough to publish it. Val has hinted at continuing her adventures in Young Adult books. I'll keep you posted!